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Collapsible Metal Pallets


Collapsible metal pallets provide the perfect logistical solution due to their ability to collapse when free from all goods. Companies usually look towards collapsible pallets when trying to reduce transportation costs on return leg journeys, this is due to being able to hold the pallet and carry three times as many backs. Collapsible metal pallets also provide the perfect storage solutions for companies that are lacking in space.

Collapsible metal pallets allow for the ease of transportation of goods through its complex bespoke design. The pallet feet are designed with open cups, allowing for stacking when both upright and folded.

Collapsible metal pallets are available with Drop Sides and Half Drop Sides. Lowe UK can manufacture & design a wide range, from the most simple solutions to the highest complexity depending on your specifications.


PVC (Plastic side covers)

Plastic covers are predominantly used when looking to transport items such as parcels. Where return loads and space are restricted, you can simply remove PVC siding.

Fork guides and lifting eyes

Fork guides and lifting eyes provide a viable solution when looking for ease of transportation. Fork guides can be produced partially or full and can be added to as many sides as required.

Any colour RAL or galvanized upon request

All of our products are available in any of colour you may require, be that a standard RAL or mixed to your specifications. We also offer our products galvanized or zinc coated.

Load testing

Being a bespoke manufacturer we can ensure that each pallet is produced to hold whatever load you may require, load testing is available on all products.

With an experienced design team, we can ensure that all multi-orders or bespoke requests include 3D drawings using Solid Works software.

Being bespoke manufacturers, we can manufacture bespoke metal pallets around your parts/specifications, be that with full or partial fork guides, or produced to carry a specific weight with the use of load testing. Load testing enables a guarantee on each product to carry the required weight of your product. One of our unique selling points as a company is that we produce every part to your specifications, unlike many of our competitors who mass produce products, usually resulting in a deficit in quality and customization. If you would like your product galvanized, electroplated, or painted to a specific RAL we can do it.

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