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What is Value Engineering?

What is Value Engineering? Value Engineering our customer requirements is at the heart of all our operations here at Lowes. Our strength is in our extensive design services to help you achieve the ultimate designed product for the specific use of your operations.  The process:  VAVE framework with creative problem-solving that promotes the development of […]

Stillage Measurement -Dimensional Requirements

Standard Pallet Sizes Although Standard pallet sizes are widely used across industry specifically the EPAL system dimensions of which are around 1200mm x 800mm to 1200mm x 1000mm which are designed to suit common transport sizes. Stillages are more often Bespoke but loosely based around these dimensions. this blog post is aimed to assist our […]

Fork Guides- Why use them and which is best suited?

At LoweUK our all our products are available with fork guides to enable the product to be moved around work space’s by fork equipped lifting equipment i.e Fork lift truck, telescopic handler, side loader etc. But what are the benefits of using fork guides? And which type is best suited to my application?  The benefits […]

CE Accredited Stillages, Which Regulation Apply?

CE Accredited Stillages, Which Regulation Apply? Questions that should be considered when assessing your material handling requirements are: Which of the following regulations apply to your specific organisation and do your duties of care fall under the following: H and S at Work Act 1974 PUWER 1998 LOLER 1998 Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC Work Directive ISO […]